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Is your organization reevaluating the cost of massive in-person events? Hybrid and virtual events were a scary thing for many planners just a few years ago, and now they're expected and normal!

Seagram AV is here to partner with you to produce the best event for your attendees, whether they're in person or online. 


Seagram AV has been live streaming events since 2015 and is not new to what most people feel is a new world. When the Pandemic of 2020 wiped out all of our in-person events and a lot of our beloved hospitality industry, we were able to quickly offer Virtual Events to our clients to ensure that planners can still keep planning, and your attendees can continue to learn, celebrate and be recognized at virtual conferences, galas, and awards programs!

While this may seem daunting to first-time virtual event planners or organizations who have only offered in-person content in the past, we have seen a major change of heart from the majority of organizations after their first virtual event! Most teams are seeing an increase in registration and attendance, more engagement with speakers and other attendees using the live chat feature, and more attendees asking for virtual content to continue even after the event industry comes back!

Overall, virtual events cost less to produce, require no on-site volunteers and labor, and allow for content to be made available even if people cannot attend at the exact date and time of the live stream, allowing for an increase in registration and even the ability to sell access to content after your event has concluded!


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Seagram AV brings all of your speakers in through a private Zoom Webinar, showing only the immediate presenters to the audience on Youtube Live, Vimeo or your event website. No audience members are in the Zoom room, which allows for a more polished, secure and professional experience for all involved. Questions can be asked using the Youtube or Vimeo chat feature, and a moderator in the Zoom room can ask those questions to the presenter, or the presenter can read them directly from the Youtube chat if they're comfortable with that. Speakers can also use an online polling system like Slido, Metimeter, or Poll Everywhere within their presentation, and have the audience engage in that manner if desired.

We are able to play pre-recorded presentation videos, organization or sponsor videos, and looping slideshows or images as needed throughout the whole program. This gives everything a professional and engaging feel, and allows for more visibility for sponsors!



  • Broadcast Production System & Streaming Software

  • Automatic Backup Streams

  • Pre-Event Stream Setup

  • Virtual Technician

  • Seamless integration of pre-recorded and live media

  • Audio Integrations

  • Streaming to Youtube or Vimeo Live (Unlisted/Private, or Public)


  • Custom Event Website

  • Virtual Pre-Recording Technical Support

  • Virtual Live Speaker Pre-Event Meeting 

  • Post-Event Editing to trim full conference into individual webinars

  • Pre-Event Media Editing

  • On-Site, Pre-Recorded Production, Filming & Editing

*Often customized based on specific event needs, but generally follow the below items

Seagram AV will provide all virtual conference live streaming services based on the Clients' custom proposal, to include:

  • Bringing general session speakers into our Zoom webinar

  • Managing Zoom webinar as host (Seagram AV account)

  • Testing each speaker before they go live

  • Broadcasting the right speakers at the right times to Youtube Live or Vimeo Pro (accounts provided by Seagram AV)

  • Monitor live stream (audio and video) throughout event

  • Provide automatic backup broadcast

  • Integrate all media provided by client (videos, live presenters, pre-recorded presenters, looping slideshows, sponsor media, etc) into one seamless livestream

  • Providing Zoom webinar link for presenters to Client at least two weeks prior to event

  • Providing sharable Youtube/Vimeo link to Client for attendees at least two weeks prior to event 


Client to provide to Seagram AV at least 14-days prior to event start:

  • Full final agenda/run of show

  • Full event title & description for Youtube

  • Event Logo & Thumbnail Image for Video

  • Background image for live stream

  • All media, looping slides, videos, pre-recorded content, etc.

Seagram AV is not responsible for:

  • Presenter internet failures

  • Communication with speakers and attendees (all communication should be managed by Client)

  • Concurrent Sessions/Breakout Rooms (We recommend separate Zoom meetings to be run by the Client to allow for more interaction for smaller groups)


Seagram AV offers production broadcast-level live streaming for all events, either with in-person attendees or without. With the best video equipment and professional audio, we will partner with you to reach audiences of all sizes, anywhere they may be.

Live streaming gives your attendees the important content they need for any event, including everyday team meetings, professional development or continuing education, even when they can't meet in person. 

We're here to be your event partner from beginning to end, no matter how big or small. Click the button below to send us your event details and get a quote. 

Our live streaming packages include:

  • Picture-in-Picture Capabilities for Presenters & Presentations

  • Switching between presenters, presentations or pre-recorded videos

  • Professional Audio & Video Quality

  • Live Chat Features for Q&A

  • Seamless Integration of Virtual Presenters through Video Calls into Live Stream

  • Graphic Overlays including titles, custom backgrounds, tickers and logos


  • Website pricing does not guarantee availability

  • All on-location base pricing is listed for events within 50-miles of Richmond, VA

  • All quotes booked with Seagram AV are subject to our Contract Terms

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